BeneFab Smart QuikWraps
BeneFab Smart QuikWraps

BeneFab Smart QuikWraps

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 Designed to be smart: combine power of ceramic and magnetic therapies to bring the most innovative therapeutic leg therapy on the market
* SORE NO-MORE relieves pain and inflammation, relaxes muscles and increases blood flow
* Low maintenance – leave on for up to 12 hours and machine wash!

BeneFab Smart QuikWraps – Targeted treatment for major tendons, ligaments and joints for both hind and front legs, to increase mobility and lessen soreness. With small, neodymium magnets (2400 gauss, unipolar, north facing) strategically placed to target specific, therapeutic acupuncture points. Exclusive, ceramic infused fabric emits FAR-infrared rays to promote oxygen flow and circulation within tissues and joints to reduce recovery time and improve healing of damaged tissues.

Preventing and treating pain and inflammation are paramount for the long-term health of equine athletes. Arenus, the leader in equine health supplements, is happy to offer revolutionary companion products to keep equine athletes healthy and happy. BeneFab by SORE NO-MORE utilizes ceramic therapy to increase circulation, relieve muscle discomfort and alleviate joint stress.

Layered and multipurpose design allows for use as a QuikWrap or use bottom layer independently as typical standing bandage. Moisture-wicking; perforated foam inner core allows even sweating and ample breathability. Contoured shape is comfortable and will not rub. Super strong and durable elastic securing straps create even pressure and ensure wraps stay in place. Easy to use, can be worn up to 12 hours.

Together, SORE NO-MORE and BeneFab create a non-invasive, dual-action, research-backed system that works synergistically so horse can recover quickly. Use SORE NO-MORE Gelotion or Liniment on horse’s leg under Smart QuikWraps. Use over SORE NO-MORE Poultices and cellophane for best poulticing results.

Easy to care for and machine washable. Full horse size; Front wraps measure 16.25"H, 11"W; Hind wraps measure 17"H; 12"W. Black.

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